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JFSF Vol 3, No 1, March 2018, p.1-7

doi: 10.22540/JFSF-03-001


Review Article

Sarcopenic Dysphagia. A Narrative Review

Spilios Dellis1, Soultana Papadopoulou2, Konstantinos Krikonis3, Filippos Zigras4

  1. Artillery Training Center, Thebes, Greece
  2. Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University Hospital of Ioannina, Greece
  3. University of Macedonia, Greece
  4. Special Forces Training Center, Nea Peramos, Greece

Keywords: Sarcopenia, Sarcopenic dysphagia, Nutrition, Rehabilitation


Sarcopenic dysphagia is described as difficulty swallowing due to generalized sarcopenia of skeletal muscles and thus swallowing muscles. It is a recently recognized condition. It draws attention due to its important complications.The risk factors of dysphagia include age, history of clinical disease, and physical frailty, including reduced activities of daily living. It is a common syndrome among the elderly and demands multidisciplinary therapeutic interventions, including nutritional support and rehabilitation programs, which are non-invasive but effective methods, mandatory for the best outcome. The prevention, assessment, and intervention methods for sarcopenic dysphagia are very important. Recent studies demonstrate that new concepts in rehabilitation and nutritional support render promising results.