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JFSF Vol 5, No 4, December 2020, p.86-88

doi: 10.22540/JFSF-05-086


Opinion Article

It’s Corona Calling: Time for Telerehabilitation!

Marcalee Alexander

  • University of Alabama School of Medicine, Department of PM&R, USA

Keywords: Climate change, Covid-19, Disability, Sustain our abilities, Telerehabilitation


The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a disproportionate impact on people with disabilities and the elderly. Moreover, the pandemic can be likened to disasters caused by catastrophic weather events which will increase in the future in response to climate change. To forestall these threats, rehabilitation professionals must to come together internationally to prepare and proactively educate their peers and patients. This can be done through observance of such times as Day for Tomorrow. Moreover, rehabilitation professionals need to transition to greener forms of healthcare in order to assure that in the future we all sustain our abilities.