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JFSF Vol 6, No 4, December 2021, p.231-240

doi: 10.22540/JFSF-06-231


Perspective Article

Osteosarcopenia School

Yannis Dionyssiotis1, Konstantinos Prokopidis2, Panagiotis Vorniotakis3, Eleftherios Bakas4

  1. Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Clinic, University of Patras, Rio Patras, Greece
  2. Department of Musculoskeletal Biology, Institute of Life Course and Medical Sciences, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  3. Euromedica Arogi Rehabilitation Center, Thessaloniki, Greece
  4. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, KAT Hospital, Kifissia, Greece

Keywords: Elderly, Fractures, Falls, Osteosarcopenia, Rehabilitation


Osteosarcopenia has been proposed as a syndrome in a subset of frail individuals at higher risk of falls, fractures and institutionalization. In this paper, we will go over the translational aspects of sarcopenia and osteoporosis research and highlight outcomes from different interventions. In addition, preventative measures and therapeutic interventions that can benefit both muscle and bone simultaneously will be analysed also. A new holistic concept called Osteosarcopenia School will be presented. This new concept is based on counselling and education of patients as part of a rehabilitation program, aiming to reduce the risk of social isolation, falls and fractures, and subsequent disability through muscle strengthening and balance training. In this patient group, the combination of pharmaceutical treatments and specific exercise programmes are essential to counteract the consequences of osteosarcopenia. Finally, educational programmes targeting patient functionality through social reintegration may have a substantial impact on their daily living activities and overall quality of life.