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JFSF Vol 9, No 2, June 2024, p.157-160

doi: 10.22540/JFSF-09-157


Case Report

A Case Report of Probable Secondary Sarcopenia After Intensive Care Hospitalization

Cihat Kurt, Yasemin Yumusakhuylu, Belgin Erhan

  • Istanbul Medeniyet University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Istanbul, Turkey

Keywords: Geriatrics, Immobilization syndrome, Intensive care unit, Malnutrition, Sarcopenia


Malnutrition, inflammation, comorbid diseases, and inactivity are known causes of sarcopenia. It results in clinical consequences like fractures, falls, low quality of life, cognitive dysfunction, and mortality. Especially in the treatment of patients with prolonged immobilization syndrome, management should not only focus on functional limitations but patients should also be evaluated and followed up for sarcopenia. In this case report, we present the management of probable secondary sarcopenia in the intensive care unit as a result of urosepsis and discuss it in the light of the literature.
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